Manuscripts from members of the ZIBRA consortium

Discovery of a persistent Zika virus lineage in Bahia, Brazil

Preprint in bioRxiv, 24th April 2016

This study from ZiBRA consortium members Nuno Faria and Oli Pybus show that samples from Bahia in Brazil, the area with the largest number of cases of microencephaly form a distinct clade and are closely related. Notably this paper demonstrates Zika genome recovery from clinical samples using bait probes and sequencing on Illumina. Whole genome recovery is tricky due to high Ct values.

Zika virus in the Americas: Early epidemiological and genetic findings

Science, 24th March 2016

From ZiBRA consortium members Nuno Faria, Marcio Nunes and Oliver Pybus, this paper is the first to provide phylogenetic reconstructions of Brazilian strains of Zika, and to attempt to find a genetic basis for microcephaly in this lineage.