We are proud to be working with some super cool people:


The nextstrain website provides a dynamic visualisation of the Zika public sequences posted so far. This website is made by the excellent Trevor Bedford and Richard Neher.

The virological web forum is a place to discuss genome sequencing in viral epidemics. We will post updates to this website.

Things we like

Zika research is happening in the open, here are some useful online resources:

Zika Open

The Zika Open website run by the World Health Organization tracks open resources published in their Bulletin.

The O’Connor website

Dave O’Connor’s group at UW-Madison are publishing in real time their findings on Zika virus via the Zika LabKey website.


Zika publications are increasingly being seen on bioRxiv as a way to rapidly disseminate findings. We are committing to the use of bioRxiv, and there is a nice way to find Zika manuscripts through the Zika channel on the AcademicKarma website.


We have been assisted by many people who have helped us get the logistics ready in time, specific thanks to: